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Sermons from February 2017

Faith-Based Rehab 61 AD

Visiting pastor from Teen Challenge, Puerto Rico, Dr. Rodney Hart, delivered a sermon from the book of Philemon.  As the director of Teen Challenge in Boston and  in Puerto Rico and his 42 years of affiliation with this wonderful ministry, he provided a sincere perspective of the runaway slave seeking rehabilitation and restoration.

Reverend Robert Zoba

Building According to Code

Pastor Bob delivers a sermon from 1 Corinthians 3:10-23. These verses provide good news and potentially bad news about eternity for the believer.  Our salvation is guaranteed, but what sincere non-reward seeking works will we bring with us when we meet our King and judge?  “Good works won’t carry us into heaven, but they will […]

Pro Choice: Pro Life

Pastor Bob Zoba delivers a sermon from Deuteronomy 30:15-20 where we are instructed to choose life – which is clear evidence of God’s gift of free will.  We have to make a choice – neutrality is not an option.  The decision not to decide is a decision.  Have you made the decision to choose Jesus?

It’s All About Who You Know

Gustavo Gonzalez, our youth pastor, delivers a sermon based on Acts 19:11-20.   In the city of Ephesus, Paul displayed his reliance on Jesus healing many and performing miracles. The seven sons of Sceva, a prominent Jewish priest, tried to take advantage of this success by trying to exorcise evil spirits in a similar fashion.   They did […]

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