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Sermons from July 2015

Pastor English speaking church Puerto Rico

Problem Solving 101

Problem Solving 101 Pastor Bob Zoba delivers a sermon about relying and trusting Jesus for our problems from John 6:1-15. Jesus presents the disciples with the dilemma of feeding the 5,000 and rather than look to Him for guidance, they immediately revert to their own ability (or inability).  How often do we do the same?

Pastor English speaking church Puerto Rico

A Question of Balance

A Question of Balance Mark 6:30-34 / Proverbs 6:4-11 Through these passages in the gospel of Mark and Proverbs 6:4-11; Pastor Bob Zoba discusses the Biblical perspective on hard work and restorative leisure. Hard work is commendable and slothfulness is condemned, yet rest is commanded by God. The disciples after having spread the good news […]

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