Interdenominational Worship Sundays at 10am

Sermons on Truth

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

Pastor Bob delivers a sermon from the ninth chapter of John’s gospel.  As we listen to the story of the miraculous restoration of sight to the man born blind, we must ask ourselves what we do with the light Jesus has given to us.  Though the Pharisees considered themselves to be experts on God and […]

Pastor English speaking church Puerto Rico

Broadminded Fundamentalism?

Broadminded Fundamentalism?  Pastor Bob Zoba delivers a sermon based on Mark 9:38-50 about sharing God’s truth in love.  As much as many try, it is not possible to categorize Jesus’ teachings.  When it comes to reaching all and sharing His love, He is a liberal, yet regarding His truths He is ultra-conservative.

Pastor English speaking church Puerto Rico

Nobody Said It Is Easy

Pastor Bob delivers a sermon which challenges us to step up and boldly share our faith with others, regardless of the consequences. The expository text is the book of Acts, Chapter 4. Peter and John are arrested for preaching in the Temple despite the pressure from others to remain silent.

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