Interdenominational Worship Sundays at 10am

Sermons on Forgiveness

Reverend Robert Zoba

Looking Beyond Stereotypes

Pastor Bob Zoba delivers a sermon about forgiveness and faith based on Luke 7:36-50.  This familiar story of the woman who washes the feet of Jesus with her tears is a powerful lesson on the need to look beyond outward appearances and examine the state of our hearts.  Through the amazing and saving grace of […]

Pastor English speaking church Puerto Rico

Lessons from a Blind Man

Lessons from a Blind Man In Pastor Bob’s sermon, he discusses the blind man healed by Jesus.  Healing the blind were miracles that Jesus performed to point toward the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees and the Jewish people.  We,too, suffer from spiritual blindness when we fail to recognize what is at the heart of Jesus’ […]

Second Union Church Pastor Zoba

Speaking Rot

Speaking Rot Pastor Bob Zoba leads us in a sermon based on Ephesians 4:25-5:2. What comes from the mouth is indicative of the state of the heart. It is time for a heart-check. Is unforgiveness preventing you from enjoying God’s peace?

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