Interdenominational Worship Sundays at 10am

Sermons on Evangelism

Whatever It Takes

Youth Pastor, Gustavo Gonzalez delivers a message from Mark 2:1-5   Are you willing to do whatever it takes to bring others to Christ?  Your friends? Your children? Your co-workers?  The friends in the gospel lesson were willing to risk financial resources, public humiliation and their own status and reputation to bring their paralyzed friend […]

Evangelism Practicum

Pastor Bob delivers a sermon from Matthew 9:35-38.  In Jesus’s second discourse, he prepares the disciples for His vision and their mission. As a church we need to recognize our primary focus should not be on the legalism of religion rather the relationship of love with Jesus our Lord and Savior. He encourages and exhorts […]

O, The Places We Will Go

Pastor Bob delivers a sermon from Acts 1:6-14.  Jesus presents the disciples with a paradigm shift in their expectations of the kingdom of God.  They, and we, are to be bright lights shining in this world of darkness.  This quote from C.T. Studd should reflect our desire to reach others for Christ: “The light that […]

A Model Sermon

Pastor Bob delivers a sermon based on Peter’s first sermon from Acts 2: 4a, 36-41.  Peter’s sermon comprised the elements of a perfect sermon: and on-fire delivery, based upon the authority of God’s Word and filled with conviction which leads to repentance and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Pastor Bob reminds us that the […]

The First Evangelists

Pastor Bob delivers a Christmas morning sermon form Luke 2:1-20 about the first evangelists, the shepherds watching their flocks who received the amazing news about the birth of the Messiah.  How wonderful it is to share good news, what’s stopping you from doing just that?

Reverend Robert Zoba

People Need the Lord

Pastor Zoba delivers a sermon from Luke 10:1-20.  Jesus sends out the disciples to make disciples for the harvest is ripe.  What does that message mean to today’s disciples?  We are called to be disciples and then to make disciples.  Which harvest has God provided for you? Your spouse? Your children? Your extended family? Your […]

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