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In the aftermath of Hurricane María, Second Union Church is helping in any way we can to provide assistance to those in need.  As soon as we get a generator, we will be in a position to serve as a distribution center for resources that have been donated for victims of the hurricane.  Contact Christie Curie Zoba at 787-717-4001 if you can help in this effort.  (See below for update.)

You may make financial donations to the Relief Fund via our paypal account.  The money that we receive for this purpose will go 100% to our relief efforts.

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You can also have much needed items shipped to our church and we will distribute them.  Amazon says that they will be starting deliveries next week.  We have a wish list for items that Prime members can ship to PR for free.  We also need cell phone back-up batteries (these you can purchase at Wal-Mart for about $12 each).  Here is the link for the Amazon wish list:
If you have sent us items from our wish list, and we have not acknowledged and thanked you for it, there’s a pretty good chance that the package arrived without any contact information.  We have done our best to keep a record of each item that was received and each order number from Amazon.  Unfortunately many boxes arrived with no documentation.  If you kept your order number with Amazon, you can open this PDF document hurricane_maria_amazon_orders to see if it was received.  We’d love to know who sent all the wonderful supplies, so let us know what your order number was!!  You can email the o/n to
We have an urgent need for sheets (twin size) for senior citizens living in group homes.  A great problem that they are experiencing is the inability to wash the sheets very regularly due to lack of electricity and limited generator power (for those few that have generators).  Used sheets are fine as long as they are clean.
Our address:
Second Union Church
Calle Mileto 2109
Urb Alto Apolo
Guaynabo PR 00969
Phone: 787-720-4423
Generators:  any type! (this is critical so people can run their refrigerators and lights.)
chain saws
Small cooking stoves (camping style)
Battery operated lanterns
Portable battery operated fans
inflatable mattresses
Large flashlights (the kind that can stand alone)
garbage bags
cell phone back-up battery extenders
first aid supplies: bandaids, gauze, tape, etc.
OTC medications – tylenol, ibuprofen, kaopectate, neosporin, children’s meds, etc.
Hand Sanitizer
Baby wipes & hand wipes
Dish soap
Paper towels / toilet paper
Personal care:
Diapers – all sizes
baby food
baby formula
Adult Diapers – all sizes
tampons / maxi pads
paper plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups
Food: (non-perishable)
Canned goods:
Protein: tuna, chicken, corned beef, vienna sausages, salmon, etc.
Fruit & vegetables
Canned pastas: Chef Boyardee, etc.
Macaroni and Cheese
Milk – in carton and powdered
Cooking oil
powdered eggs
Pasta sauce
Granola bars / protein bars
protein shake mixes
Anything new – underwear, shoes are of highest priority – maybe athletic socks for tennis shoes –
We will not have the capacity to sort through used clothing in the initial weeks – maybe later.
Update (October 4, 20170:
We are so very grateful for the donations you have made to our Hurricane Maria relief efforts.
We have been in the community doing everything we can to meet the needs of those who have so much need. Pastor Bob and Julio Rivera are visiting organizations that we support helping them by assisting in the purchase of generators, fuel to operate them, providing them with food, water and other resources. We are operating a pantry out of the church to provide food, water and clothing to those who have lost their roofs or suffered flooding to their homes. Mabel is also on hand to provide chaplaincy support. We are working with the Food Bank (Banco de Alimentos) to get food to the areas where the need is most severe. Today we will also visit Hogar Ruth, a women’s shelter for victims of domestic abuse today who reportedly suffered severe damage. We continue to try to connect loved ones and we are taking good care of our Backpack students and their families.
I only have internet via a hotspot on my phone before 6:30 am in the morning, but I will try to continue to update you on the ways we are using the donations you have entrusted us with. We promise to be good stewards, and you can be assured that every penny of your donation will go directly to hurricane relief efforts.
The need is so great.
May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.
In Christ’s service,
Please feel free to contact me. My phone is 787-717-4001. The communications are very limited, but texts seem to be the best way to contact us. They eventually go through. We hope this will improve soon.
Your donations are tax deductible, Second Union Church is a 501C3 corporation. We will try to send out individual emails once communications are restored. In the meantime, our tax id number is 660-330-845.
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Second Union Church • Urb Alto Apolo • 2109 Mileto St • Guaynabo, PR • 00969