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History of Second Union Church

History of Second Union Church of San Juan  

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Second Union Church. We are celebrating and we would like you to join us.  Click on the link for more information and a schedule of events!  Second Union Church 50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration

The roots of Second Union Church can be traced to the year 1917 when Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian English-speaking congregations in Miramar merged to form the Union Church of San Juan.

Union Church continued its services in Miramar until 1959 when they moved to their current facilities in Punta Las Marias, San Juan. Due to the rapid expansion of San Juan during the 1950s, the Evangelical council and the national Council of churches conducted a study that indicated there were about 2000 English-speaking people in the Parkville- Guaynabo area, a suburb of San Juan. Based on the study the National Council of Churches recommended that Union Church organize services for people living in that area.

On February 7, 1965, the first worship service was conducted in a temporary location, and services have been celebrated continuously since that time.
On June 20, 1965, Second Union Church was officially incorporated with 142 charter members, and in November 1965, the church’s first minister, the Rev. Schoonmaker arrived and on November 9, 1969 the church moved to its own building on the current site in Guaynabo.
Services were conducted in what was then an all-purpose room which included the sanctuary, the fellowship hall, community activities, etc.
During the next 20 years, the church was served by five pastors.

In January 1986 the forward planning committee presented a study to the congregation concerning the need for additional space. On April 10, 1986 architect Tom Marvel made a presentation to the Church Council on the various alternatives for a new sanctuary.

On June 7, 1987 an official groundbreaking ceremony for the new sanctuary was conducted. The new structure was dedicated on January 29, 1989. Total expense for the new facilities rose to $770,000. Funds for the sanctuary or provided by members contributions, pledges and a generous gift of $275,000 from Mr. Lewis J. Ort, a member of our church.

Our Pastors

  As a Union Church – we serve those in the San Juan metro area who choose to worship in English.  Union churches exist around the world in cities where English is not the primary language.  Mexico City, Mexico; Istanbul, Turkey; Tokyo, Japan; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Caracas, Venezuela; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras are just a few of the cities who also have Union Churches.  The pastors tend to take Union Church positions for 3 to 5 year periods.

1985-1991            Co-Reverends L’Anni and Bill Hill-Alto

1992-1996            Rev. Randy Johnson

1997                      Interim Pastor Bud White

1998-2000            Rev. Timothy Stewart

2000-2001            Interim Pastor Ira Williams

2000-2003            Rev. David Heath

2002-2003            Interim Pastor Vernon Elgin

2004-present        Rev. Robert Zoba


We are proud of our past and look into the future with renewed faith, to meet the challenges ahead of us

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