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Mon 13-Feb Matt 9 Exodus 7-9

Matthew 9: What was the name of the tax collector that Jesus called? What question did John’s disciples ask Jesus? What did the ruler do before asking Jesus to heal his daughter? Exodus 7: How old were Moses and Aaron when they spoke to Pharoah? What was the first plague? What do you find interesting […]

Sun 12-Feb Mark 5 Exodus 4-6

Mark 5: What did Jesus say healed the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years? What was the response of the people when Jesus todl them that jairus’ daughter was only sleeping and was not in fact, dead? Exodus 4: What was the purpose of the rod turning into a snake and vice versa? […]

Thur 9-Feb Mark 4; Exodus 1-3

Thur 9-Feb Mark 4 Exodus 1-3 Mark 4: When you first heard the good news (received the seed) which soil would describe you? Verse 25 is similar to what familiar parable? Exodus 1: How did the Hebrews living in Egypt go from being so fruitful to slavery? What did the Pharaoh finally decide to do […]

Luke 8; Genesis 47-50

Luke 8: In Jesus’ parable what does the seed represent and what does the soil represent? What does the devil do and why? What are the thorns? How does the good soil produce fruit? What as Jairus’ job? What two things did Jesus tell Jairus? Genesis 47: Where did Jacob and his extended family settle […]

Tuesday 7-Feb: Matt 13; Genesis 44-46

Matthew 13: Why did Jesus speak in parables? Which of the parables in Matthew 13 speaks to you? What is God telling you? Genesis 44: Why was Joseph particularly interested in keeping Benjamin with him? What did he instruct the brothers to do? Genesis 45: Read very carefully verses 5-11, what does this say about […]

Mon: Feb 6: Mat 12; Gen 41-43

Matthew 12: What does Jesus instruct about the Sabbath? What is lawful to do on the Sabbath? What does this say to you about what you should do on the Sabbath? By what will we be justified and condemned? Genesis 41: Where was Joseph when the Pharaoh called for him? Who did Joseph tell him […]

Weds 1-Feb Luke 7; Genesis 31-34

Luke 7: What was particularly surprising about the Centurion’s faith? Who was the Pharisee that invited Jesus to him home for a meal? Genesis 31: Where did Jacob get his idea about accumulating the striped and spotted livestock? What did Rachel take from her father and where did she hide it? Genesis 32: Why was […]

Tuesday 31-Jan: Matt 8: Genesis 28-30

Matthew 8: What do the man with leprosy and the centurion have in common? In verse 28, how was Jesus ultimately received? Genesis 28: Who was Jacob sent to marry? Who did Esau marry and why? Genesis 29: What did Rachel do (what was she responsible for)? Take some time today and consider writing down […]

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