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Mon Feb 26 Mark 8: Leviticus 1-3

Mark 8: If we are ashamed of Jesus, what will be Jesus’ response? Leviticus 1: what is the purpose of the burnt offering? Leviticus 2: what must not be presented to the Lord as part of the grain offering? Leviticus 3: what are the Israelites commanded not to eat in this chapter?

Sun 26-Feb: Matt 16; Exodus 38-40

It’s time to dig in – prepare yourselves – we begin what may be the sixteen most challenging weeks of the year-long reading plan. With the power of the Holy Spirit it will be a breeze. Hang in there – listen or read in the Message version. Whatever you do – DON’T give up! If […]

Thur 23-Feb: Mark 7; Exodus 34-37

Mark 7: What defiles or corrupts a person? Why did Jesus heal the Gentile woman’s daughter? Exodus 34: What was the first thing Moses asked God on the mountain? How many times did God command all the men to appear before Him? What promise did he make about the times they were to appear before […]

Wednesday 22-Feb. Matthew 15; Exodus 31-33

Matthew 15: How does Jesus answer the question posed by the Pharisees about why his disciples were eating with unclean hands? Exodus 31: What did God command the Israelites regarding the Sabbath? Why is it so important.? Who made the tablets which held the 10 commandments? Exodus 32: Why did the people ask Aaron to […]

Tues 21-Feb John 6 Exodus 28-30

John 6: Finish this statement that Jesus made: I am the ___________ __ ______. What is he referencing here – consider verse 37? (see v.What does Jesus promise in verse 37? Exodus 28 what should be engraved on the two stones that go on the shoulders Aaron? What name is given to the front part […]

Mon 20-Feb:Luke 9; Exodus 24-27

Luke 9: On the mount of transfiguration, what were Moses and Elijah speaking to Jesus about? How many times in this chapter is the Jesus’ death mentioned? what happened when he sent his messengers to find lodging for him in a Samaritan town? Exodus 24: What did Moses throw on the people and why? What […]

Sun 19-Feb Mark 6; Exodus 20-23

Mark 6: which events in this chapter have you read about in previous chapters? Did you notice anything different? Exodus 20: Make a list of the ten commandments. What does it mean ‘to take the Lord’s name in vain?’ Exodus 21: How long could a Hebrew remain a slave? Exodus 22: Why was Israel not […]

Thur 16-Feb Mark 6 Exodus 17-19

Thur 16-Feb Mark 6 Exodus 17-19 Mark 6: Where was Jesus’ hometown and what amazed him about the people there? What did the disciples preach and do as they were sent off? Matthew 14 and Mark 6 are very similar. Did you notice any differences? Exodus 17: Which person makes his first appearance in this […]

Wedn 15-Feb Matt 14 Exodus 14-16

Matt 14: What did Jesus do after hearing about the death of John the Baptist? What did He do after the feeding of the 5,000 men? Who was healed in Gennesaret? Exodus 14: Why did Pharaoh change his mind about letting the Israelites go? Do you note the sarcasm expressed by the Israelites when attacking […]

Tues Feb 4 Matt10; Ex 10-13

Tues14-Feb Matt 10 Exodus 10-13 Matthew 10: What is the first thing the disciples were to do when entering a home? Exodus 10: After Moses told about the coming plague of the locusts, what did Pharaoh’s servants say? What plague followed and how did it affect the Israelites? Exodus 11: What did the Lord instruct […]

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