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Posts from March 2017

Thur 9-Mar: Luke 10; Numbers 1-3

Luke 10: What a chapter! What were the disciples to say to the town that didn’t receive them? Numbers 1: Who was included in the census? Who was exempted? Numbers 2: How many Israelites were there all together? (This is a trick question!) Numbers 3: What did God change according to the law of the […]

Weds 8-Mar: John 10; Lev 26-27

Today we finish the book of Leviticus! I hope you have managed to keep up – and perhaps you have even found it to be fascinating as we are made aware of the holiness of God and His goodness. Tomorrow we begin the book of Numbers, and since today’s reading is a bit shorter, it […]

Tues, 7-Mar: John 9; Lev 23-25

John 9: This is one of my very favorite chapters! I could just picture this as a movie scene. What strikes you as interesting in this chapter? Lev 23: How many festivals are to be held? Lev 24: Why was the son of Shelomith stoned? Lev 25: What happened during the year of Jubilee?

Monday 6-Mar John 8; Leviticus 19-22

John 8: What is promised for those who follow Jesus? How can we be ‘set free’ by the truth? Write down Jesus’ statements beginning with I am . . (from this chapter). Leviticus 19: What commands are reiterated in the first few verses in this chapter? Leviticus 20: What ritual was involved in the worship […]

Sunday 5-Mar John 7; Lev 15-18

John 7: On the final day of the Feast of the Tabernacles, what did Jesus teach in the Temple? Who defended Jesus in front of the chief priests and Pharisees? Lev 15: What do you think they are referring to when they talk about discharges of bodily fluids? Lev 16: What happened on the Day […]

Thurs Mar 2 Matt 18; Lev 11-14

Matt 18: What might be the blessing if you point out your brother’s sin? What do you think Jesus meant, “you have gained a brother”? Leviticus 11: What were the Israelites to do if a rodent ended up in a clay vessel? Leviticus 12: After childbirth how much time did a woman remain unpure? What […]

Weds: 1-Mar Mark 9; Lev 7-10

Mark 9: What did the father of the demon-possessed child’s ask Jesus to do for him in addition to healing his son? Lev 7: What two parts of the animals are the Israelites strictly prevented from eating according to this chapter? What is the punishment for disobeying this command? Lev 8 & 9: Describe the […]

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