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Posts from January 2017

Tuesday 31-Jan: Matt 8: Genesis 28-30

Matthew 8: What do the man with leprosy and the centurion have in common? In verse 28, how was Jesus ultimately received? Genesis 28: Who was Jacob sent to marry? Who did Esau marry and why? Genesis 29: What did Rachel do (what was she responsible for)? Take some time today and consider writing down […]

Monday 30-January: Matt 7; Genesis 25-27

Matthew 7: What comes before receiving from God? What do verses 21-23 communicate about our salvation? Are you astonished (v. 28) when you read Jesus’ teachings? Genesis 25: Who did Abraham marry after Sarah, and how many sons did they have? Where did they live? Who buried Abraham? What do you know about Rebekah’s faith? […]

Sunday 29-Jan Matt 6; Genesis 22-24

I’m back! Sorry that last week was a bit hit or miss with the questions, but we had such limited internet service! I hope you are all keeping up with the daily readings. Feel free to post any comments or questions! Blessings! Matthew 6: What is the result when we forgive someone who has sinned […]

Thursday 26-Jan: Matt 5; Genesis 19-21

Matthew 5: from chapter 5, what can you know about God’s view of sin? Consider the paradoxes presented: murder/being angry; adultery/looking at someone lustfully. What does Jesus teach about making oaths? His is this relevant to you? Genesis 19. Abraham challenges God by saying God wouldn’t punish the righteous together with the unrighteous. Genesis 20: […]

Weds 25-Jan: Luke 6; Gen 16-18

Luke 6; Genesis 16-18 Luke 6: what did Jesus do right before choosing his disciples? Summarize the Beatitudes in one sentence. What does Jesus teach about judgment? Genesis 16. Where was Hagar from? At Ishmael’s birth, how many years had passed since Abram had returned from Egypt? Genesis 17: What did the covenant between God […]

Tuesday 24-Jan: Mark 3; Genesis 13-15

I just realized I got a little bit ahead of myself! Lucky for you, tomorrow you only have two chapters to read. Mark 4: what was notable to you about Jesus’s ministry in this chapter? What did Jesus call those he chose? What was their purpose? Why did Jesus family go to get him? Genesis […]

Monday: 23-Jan: Matt 1; Genesis 12-14

Matthew 1: what is the significance of 14 in the division of the genealogies? What did the angel instruct Joseph to do? Genesis 12: what was Abram’s ultimate purpose? How many altars to God did he erect? How old was Abraham when he set out canaan and how many were in his entourage? Genesis 13 […]

Sun 22-Jan John 5; Job 38-42

John 5: What do you find remarkable about the healing at the pool of Bethesda? Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus? What does Jesus say is the key to salvation? How does this differ with his words in chapter 3? Who will accuse the Jews before the Father? Job 38 & 39: How […]

Thur 19-Jan John 4; Job 34-37

John 4: Read verse 27, why did the disciples feel this way? How long did Jesus stay in Samaria? Job 35: Why did Elihu remain silent until now? What does he tell Job to do (see verse 5?) What do you think he wants Job to understand? Job 36: What counsel does Elihu give Job […]

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