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Kings, Chronicles, Psalms

1Kings 3-4; 2Chronicles 1; Psalm 72 We begin this week’s readings with the establishment of Solomon’s kingdom. It’s looking good for Israel – they are at the height of power and dominion. It is a time of peace and prosperity. Solomon seems to be headed in the right direction, seeking God and wisdom over worldly […]

Psalms 111-118

Psalms 111-118 What do you notice about today’s readings? Is there anything different? These Psalms are not attributed to King David (at least not in my Bible), but many believe he could have written them. They appear to have been written at a time of peace  giving praise and honor to God for deliverance and salvation. […]

1 Chronicles 26-29; Ps 127

Today’s reading: 1 Chronicles 26-29 and Psalm 127 What were the responsibilities of the gatekeepers? What about the duties of those who guarded the treasuries? What other administrative duties did David institute? What was the first command/advice that David gave Solomon in the midst of all the Israelites in 1 Chronicles 28? Why was this […]

1 Chronicles 23-25

1 Chronicles 23-25 What happened to the tabernacle? Why did David change the duties of the Levites? Have a beautiful day – may you sense the Lord’s presence in your life! How will that make a difference in your life today?

Psalm 108 God's mercy

Psalm 108-110

Psalms 108-110 Today we read the scripture that Jesus quoted in Matt. 22:41-45.  Psalm 110 is a Messianic psalm as it points to Jesus as Lord and Savior.  May you be blessed through the reading of the Word today.      

Psalm 30 Second Union Church Bible reading

2 Sam 24; 1 Chron 21-22; Ps 30

Our readings for today: 2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21-22; Psalm 30 We have an interesting read today!  We finish the book of 2nd Samuel! Here are a few questions to consider as you read these verses.  May the Holy Spirit speak to your heart and provide fresh revelation each time you open God’s Word. […]

Psalms 22-23; 57

Psalms 22-23; 57 Our readings are short today – but very weighty. These Psalms are so familiar to us. Since you have more time today – why not take some time to read Psalm 22 and consider all of the prophetic references to Jesus. Maybe you could paraphrase Psalm 23. Remember the affliction that David […]

Holy Bible Second Union Church

Psalms 5; 3; 41-42

Psalms 5; 3; 41-42 These psalms, attributed to David, are both petitions for salvation from enemies and praises to God for His love and salvation. I will come into Your house in the multitude of Your mercy: David is confident in God’s love for him – He is not claiming that he is righteous and his enemies […]

2 Samuel 19-21

Today our readings begins with David’s response to the death of his son, Absalom. Absalom had deviously torn the kingship from his hands and forced David and his family to flee Jerusalem, and to add insult to injury, Absalom, slept with David’s ten concubines in public in a very calculated move to further disgrace his […]

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